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March 13, 2015
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Why is it Called Salt Water Taffy?

Ever wonder where salt water taffy got it’s name? In 1883 candymaker Guppy Pancia’s shop in Atlantic City was flooded with ocean water after a big storm.  Days after, a young girl walked into the store asking for some candy and, as a joke the man replied, “Just some salt water taffy.” Well, the salt water taffy that the girl took was a hit.  She told her friends about it, and within days people were coming into the shop asking for, “salt water taffy, ocean wave taffy, and sea foam candy.”salt_water_blog

Within years salt water taffy was being produced and sold in candy shops near beach towns across the country. Marini’s saltwater taffy is made using an old fashion recipe that was invented by their founder, Victor A. Marini in 1915.  The taffy is pulled in order to add air to the corn syrup and sugar confection, which gives the taffy its signature light and chewy texture. Then the taffy is wrapped on a Model K Kiss wrapper that the family purchased in the 1920’s. Marini’s offers a wide variety of salt water taffy flavors, all made from the original recipe, proudly carrying on the family tradition.

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