November 16, 2017
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Gingerbread House Workshop 2018


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Classes include

  •  instructor to lead class and help as needed
  • 1 prebuilt gingerbread house
  •  1 big bag of frosting (*additional bag if needed)
  • unlimited holiday candy to decorate (*may not fill house, cups or pockets to take home!)
  • includes a small hot chocolate or Americano coffee (*may be given a coupon for use at a later date)

Lots of fun!

$50 per person

Gingerbread Class Purchase/Return Policy:

Payment in full for the class must be made at time of sign up. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  If you would like to reserve an entire class…you MUST pay for all 8 gingerbread houses at time of sign up.  There are no more than 8 houses per class.  Only one person per house unless children are 5 years old or under, then they may share the house with any age.  No Refunds.  If you are unable to attend the class you signed up for,  you can pick up a gingerbread house package within 7 days from your scheduled class. **children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times during workshop **additional rules may apply


Additional information
Class Date & Time

11/24/18 Saturday 2pm, 11/25/18 Sunday 2pm, 11/30/18 Friday 6pm, 12/1/18 Saturday 12pm, 12/1/18 Saturday 4pm, 12/2/18 Sunday 12pm, 12/2/18 Sunday 4pm, 12/3/18 Monday 6pm, 12/4/18 Tuesday 6pm, 12/5/18 Wednesday 6pm, 12/6/18 Thursday 6pm, 12/7/18 Friday 6pm, 12/8/18 Saturday 11am, 12/8/18 Saturday 2pm, 12/8/18 Saturday 6pm, 12/9/18 Sunday 11am, 12/9/18 Sunday 2pm, 12/9/18 Sunday 6pm, 12/11/18 Tuesday 6pm, 12/12/18 Wednesday 6pm, 12/13/18 Thursday 6pm, 12/14/18 Friday 6pm, 12/15/18 Saturday 11am, 12/15/18 Saturday 2pm, 12/15/18 Saturday 6pm, 12/16/18 Sunday 11am, 12/16/18 Sunday 2pm, 12/16/18 Sunday 6pm, 12/17/18 Monday 6pm, 12/18/18 Tuesday 6pm, 12/19/18 Wednesday 3pm, 12/19/18 Wednesday 7pm, 12/20/18 Thursday 11am, 12/20/18 Thursday 2pm, 12/20/18 Thursday 6pm, 12/21/18 Friday 11am, 12/21/18 Friday 2pm, 12/21/18 Friday 6pm, 12/22/18 Saturday 11am, 12/22/18 Saturday 2pm, 12/22/18 Saturday 6pm, 12/23/18 Sunday 11am, 12/23/18 Sunday 2pm, 12/23/18 Sunday 6pm

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