Sour Salt Water Taffy


Marini’s Candies has finally done it. We’ve taken our World Famous Salt Water Taffy recipe to a whole new level—Sour Salt Water Taffy.

Seven awesome, lip puckering flavors come in each variety pack. Sour Orange, Sour Lime, Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Cherry, Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Tutti Frutti.

Enjoy a box of our famous salt water taffy! Started on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz in 1915 and is continued to be made on the westside of Santa Cruz at our newest location. This gourmet taffy comes in a variety of flavors. Our candy makers at Marini’s make our salt water taffy using an old fashioned recipe that was invented by our founder, Victor A. Marini. The taffy is machine pulled to a firm consistency, then wrapped on a Model K Kiss wrapper that was purchased in the 1920’s. Try each and every one of the flavors that we make. You won’t be disappointed!